General features


This category of machines is designed to fasten square, rectangular and round packs made up of profiles, overlapping plates, billets, circular and non-circular section bars.

The aforementioned single-turn binding machine is also available in a special version where circumferential binding is required for coils.

Bundles can be fastened with a single tight turn of wire rod.

The binding machine head features a winding clamp in an inclined position, which enables tight binding via its positioning on pack corners of any size, reducing the risk of loose bindings or wire not being recovered to a minimum.

The carriage travels along runners made of special steel on wheels with bearings, and can be vertical or tilted depending on the type of plant application required.

These machines are also equipped with a system of sensors which detect the position of the pack, enabling the correct positioning of the binding head via longitudinal and perpendicular movements controlled by hydraulic cylinders.

The various features operate via hydraulic actuators, which are controlled by electronic valves and a hydraulic unit.

The machine base and structure are made of electro-welded structural steelwork and its compact shape makes it vibration-free.

The electrical, electronic and hydraulic components used to construct the binding machines come from leading international manufacturers.



  • standard wire basket (coil wire dispenser)
  • motorised wire basket (coil wire dispenser with motorised wire rod recovery system)
  • hydraulic bundle tightener (improves bundle shape)
  • pneumatic knot press (presses the binding knot adapting it to the bundle)
  • motorised carriage for forwards/backwards extraction (simplifies off-line maintenance)

Technical specs

Reference for standard production
Duration binding cycle (approximately) 9 sec. (single turn)
Bundle dimensions min. 150x 150 – max 400 x 400 mm
Binding wire: low-carbon steel (0.06 to 0.08) hot rolled, with the following physical-mechanical characteristics:
Diameter 5,5 ÷ 7 mm
Tolerance ± 0,3 mm
Breaking strength 42 kg/mm² – 412N/mm²
Yeld strength 26 kg/mm² – 255N/mm²
Stretching min. 26%

Hydraulic unit

Motor power 11 kW
Tank capacity 250 lt.
Pump capacity 50 lt./min.
Accumulator capacity 20 lt.