General features


This category of machines is designed for binding small coils up to a height of 300 mm with a minimum internal diameter of 300mm and a maximum external diameter of 800mm.

The LMF-PN binding machines are designed for binding coils of reduced dimensions consisting of metal wire drawn into small sections. They are usually placed near the coil accumulator on the existing drawing machine and complete the entire automatic plant production cycle.

It is possible to have between 1 and 4 binding stations complete with table and rotating pallets to move coils during the various processing phases – loading area, binding station, and the finished product unloading area.

Perpendicular movements are also possible for off-line extraction during maintenance, without production flows being interrupted.

The machine has its own structure which makes it independent and easy to position on plants. The same model can be customised for non-standard layouts as required.



  • standard wire basket (coil wire dispenser)
  • motorised carriage for forwards/backwards extraction (simplifies off-line maintenance)
  • pneumatic knot press (presses the binding knot adapting it to the bundle)
  • carousel for coil formation and rotation

Technical specs

Reference for standard production
Duration binding cycle (approximately) 4 sec.
Coils dimension (standard) Ø int. 300 mm – Ø ext. 800 mm
Coils height (standard) max 300 mm
Binding wire: low-carbon steel (0.04 to 0.05) annealed, with the following physical-mechanical characteristics:
Diameter 2 ÷ 2,5 mm
Tolerance ± 0,3 mm
Breaking strength 35 ÷ 45 kg/mm² – 350 ÷ 450 N/mm²
Stretching 25 ÷ 40%

Pression and air consumption specs

Work pressure 5 ÷ 6 bar
Air consumption 60 ÷ 300 lt/min a 6 bar